How to apply
Thank you for your interest in applying to Western Academy of Beijing. Please follow these simple steps to complete the application process:

The application process has 4 sections to be completed:

Step 1: Register a Parent Account.   You will create a Personal Applicant Account (Dashboard)

Step 2: Submit application form online.  (approx. 10 minutes per applicant)

Please have ready:

·      Recent digital passport size photo of applicant;

·      Copy of photo information page of both applicant‘s and parent’s passports;

·      Copy of applicant’s current residency permit, if applicable.

Step 3:  Upload all required supporting documents.  Please refer to the checklist on your Personal Applicant Account (Dashboard)

Please have ready:

·      Copy of school reports in English for the last 3 years (if applicable);

·      Completed Student Statement form.

Step 4: Payment of application fee of RMB 2,100–  Please refer to the checklist item found in the Personal Applicant Account for payment instructions.