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Application for Admission

How to apply
Thank you for your interest in applying to Western Academy of Beijing. Please follow these simple steps to complete the application process.

The application process has 4 sections to be completed:

Step 1: Register a Parent Account.  

You will create a Personal Applicant Account (Dashboard).

[For families who already have an account which is created during the process of inquiry or booking a school tour, please do not register a new account but sign-in using your existing account].

Step 2: Submit application form online. (approx. 10 minutes per applicant)

Please have ready:

·     Recent digital passport size photo of applicant;

·     Copy of photo information page of both applicant‘s and parent’s passports;

·     Copy of applicant’s current residency permit, if applicable.

Step 3:  Upload all required supporting documents. Please refer to the checklist on your Personal Applicant Account (Dashboard)

Please have ready:

·     Copy of school reports in English for the last 3 years (if applicable);

·     Completed Student Statement form.

Step 4: Payment of application fee of RMB 2,100– Please refer to the checklist item found in the Personal Applicant Account for payment instructions.